Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy snippets

1. I finished The Host. I liked it.

2. I made lolly slice today, sans marshmallow lollies and coconut (because those parts are only tolerable anyway) and am (not so slowly) making my way through the entire batch.

3. We bought a new washing machine and it runs quite nicely. And quietly. I no longer have to troop all over the neighbourhood to get our clothes washed. Thank goodness for kind neighbours.

4. I finally feel on top of life again, instead of under it. It amazes me how the time of the month effects me SO. MUCH. Oh the physical limitations of my body (on my mind a little since reading The Host).

Next book on my shelf: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.
Next on my to do list: A little cleaning, then a little cooking and maybe a little baking.
Next on my playlist: A little Brett Dennen.* Especially his first, self-titled album.
New musical find: Meaghan Smith. (Listen here) And have you heard Mindy Gledhill? (More)**

I think I've got a bit of a girl crush.

*Excited to find two of my favourite artists getting together when I was looking for a link. Would love to hear more.
** 50 points if you can guess the where and why of my discovery of these two artists.


  1. Nie.

    And black rims like that look way better on blondes.

    So glad you like The Host.

  2. I would guess Nie's sister, C Jane. Am I right? Can I get 50 points?

  3. Yes Mandi, C Jane. You're right. 50 points to you, although I don't exactly know what you could use them for just yet...

  4. This was one of my favourtie songs on her album...it makes me think of Tyler ;)