Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I've started another gym trial membership. On one of those daily deal sites was $60 for three months. Nat, Erika, Tim and I all got one. Fun times ahead!

So far I've been three times.

The first time I forgot soap (yikes!). I feel guilty every time I see the shower gel that someone leaves on the top of the shower wall. Because I was forced to steal some and I can't figure out if I should leave a note, leave some different shower gel, or leave it alone. And I also forgot some unmentionables.

The second time I forgot shoes. I run to the gym, so I was ok for my workout, but after my shower I realised I would be walking home in sneans, and was tossing up how ridiculous it would be to ask Nat to pick me up. My comfort lay in telling myself over and over again that people wear sneakers with their regular outfits all the time when they use walking as their mode of transportation, then they change into their "real" shoes on arrival. I hope people thought that of me. And then I hope that I don't sound ridiculous.

Today I forgot that the dance school students work out between 1-2pm. Sure it's a bit of entertainment to watch them all lunge up and down the aisles. But mostly I felt intimidated. It's like they all have a uniform: trainers, black singlet, black bike pants, ripped abs, tiny waist, muscular arms, and other bits that look good. At least I was wearing black today...?

Also, whenever I walk by a woman wearing a headscarf or a a man walking with a woman wearing a headscarf, I wonder if they're judging me, and think I'm a scarlet woman of the world. Today while running to the gym (uphill, by the way) a grandmotherly figure in a headscarf looked at me and said: "Nice." I'm not quite sure what to make of that. Ideas?


  1. I don't think she was talking to you...I'm pretty sure she was commenting on a flowery bush. Sorry.


  2. Johanna - Wellington Fitness Centre, in the same complex as Bowlarama, Junglerama and Wellington Indoor Sports, near to Toi Whakaari.

    Angela - But she made eye contact and everything!

  3. Was she flirting with you? Cougar-lesbian? ;)