Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Solid Gold Lining*

Since Sunday evening...

1 box of tissues
3 rolls of toilet paper
1 box of paracetamol
2 novels
1 sleepless night

... And counting.

I'm currently battling the worst flu of my life. The night I was awake with fever I thought I was going to die. Because people used to die from flu, right? (Did I mention that one of the novels I've read while on my sick bed is Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen?)

To my children's credit, they have looked after themselves very well. On Saturday Theo's Kindergarten had a fair, and after 12pm when festivities officially wrapped up I bagged a bunch of toys, puzzles and books for free. I'd been helping on the book stall so had bought some good ones before the free for all, and rummaged around other stalls and made a few other purchases as well, but what have proven to be the best and most engaging things that I brought home were freebies.

They have been playing all sorts of things together so nicely that I've been able to spend much of the last three days in bed.

I also have wonderful neighbours and family who are doting on me. My mother-in-law took time off work to take Theo to his hospital appointment yesterday, the day before she repleted my paracetamol supply, tucked me in on the couch and made me drink a large amount of water. Both of my neighbours (the two that I know) have taken turns watching the kids, my sister has offered to make me dinner and I've been retiring for the night at 7pm or earlier to try and beat this thing.

I honestly don't know how other people do hard things (like continue being a mother and run a household when you've got the flu). My answer is I don't do hard things. Other people do them for me. I feel a little embarrassed admitting how much help I get (remember Johanna coming and folding my washing, washing my dishes, looking after my children AND making me dinner, just because I couldn't bring myself to do it?). But then all these amazing people deserve a mention don't they?

I also feel such a sense of injustice when I hear about other people having a hard time. Because I don't have hard times. I have helpers. And where are their helpers?

Am I just especially good at asking for help? To a fault? Am I undercutting my super-mum potential by not doing it all myself? Am I lazy? Am I blessed? I'm definitely blessed. But is there more to it?

Thank you Leonie, Wilhemina, Rosie, Erika and Johanna. (Even if it wasn't this time around) I couldn't have done it without you.

(The gorgeous moonrise out my window this evening)

*50 points if you know where the title of this post is taken from.


  1. oh dearie, I had no idea that you were so under the weather. That is just awful. Should I bring ingredients for cornchip casserole on monday night?

  2. Hey Mariah - glad to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't do HARD things! just be grateful you have family and good friends around you to help you cope...
    oh! we are staying a few days at leonie's in july - might see you then!

  3. I'm one of those ones that doesn't get the help often.

  4. Hope you feel better soon. X