Sunday, August 7, 2011

My World

This is the kids pretending to watch tv, because I said no when they asked if they could watch tv. (They're on a couch that we're storing downstairs for our neighbours for a bit, looking at a blank wall.)

This is a piece of cake that the neighbours brought up for us, with two curry dishes, because "[they] want to be good neighbours". I think it has to do with the fact that we're storing their couch. But they are also very nice. They never let me leave their door empty handed, have given us curry about 3 times I think, and are so friendly. The cake was a special one they had bought for their anniversary.

This is a beautiful sunset (don't know if you can tell from the photo). We had sunsets identical to this for about a week.

This is a cake that I made.

This is Theo with long hair, before he got a haircut.

This is Theo with short hair after his haircut. And after a trip to the ER to glue up a gash to his head. We were on the same road as the hospital when it happened, and because he was bleeding he was seen as soon as we arrived. The whole ordeal took 20 minutes from fall onto corner of coffee table, to filling out forms, to arriving home again, and we were home before the roast was even out of the oven for dinner. So glad they don't have to stitch wounds like this anymore!

This is Sadie blessing her food.

This is our desktop background at the moment.

This is my world.


  1. Yum cake! and gorgeous kiddies, poor lil man hurting his head!

  2. I'm so glad you posted! Because that picture of Sadie is like a slap to the face - she's changed a LOT! SO glad to see her!!!

  3. Hello - lovely to see you on here again!

  4. Gotta say... that picture of Sadie is awesome. You can't look at it without smiling.