Monday, August 29, 2011


Just like the rest of the country, it snowed in our street. Finally. The night before Nat was a little bitter that only our suburb and the next one over hadn't had any yet, out of the whole city, including the CBD.

So I know I'm a little bit slow on the upload, but it was pretty special for us. A once in a lifetime experience for where we live. This is how it happened (cue monstrous amounts of photos)...

I took a picture because it was snowing. And then it started snowing even more. And even more. And you get the picture...

It definitely changed the view out the window. And so I took lots of pictures of it.
I carefully chose about twice as many photos as are posted to show you all. And then I culled them even more. You're welcome.

I got Sadie outside and we went for a walk, because this was after all, a once in a lifetime experience! Unfortunately the nature of the snow in our neighbourhood meant there was none on the ground to play with, only puddles on all the playground equipment! Sadie was not amused.

I was.

We'd had three hot chocolates each by noon and so we skipped lunch. Sadie liked that at her every suggestion I would comply with a mug of the sweet stuff. Mmmm!

And then an hour later...

And then another hour later...


And then later that evening, after snowflakes had been blowing around on and off all day...

We got ground cover!

It was hail. Still fun.

The next day, not ready to let the special occasion go so quickly, we decorated. It's still snowing in our window!


  1. Love the expressions, as usual. Great series of photos at the top. I'm sad to have missed it but I guess I'll survive in my 23 degree and sunny weather :p

  2. Wasn't it great when the snow/rain turned to floaty flakes of snow!