Thursday, September 8, 2011

Immi = Esky

I got this book out from the library a little while ago, purely because I thought the main character looked like my niece*.

(The one on the right)

And then I realised, her online pseudo is Esky for precisely the reason that she's resembled an Inuit from the time she was born!

Also, Nat didn't agree. Or if he did, it was after asking him multiple times and he said something like "Yeah sure, why not."


Do you?

*Forgive the image stealage, will you Ange? I only took pictures you'd posted already on your blog. Thanks xoxo.


  1. Yep - def Esky resemblances there!

  2. I think she's resembling an Inuit less and less with those puppy dog browns, but definitely like this tribute and can see what you're talking about!