Monday, September 26, 2011

It never gets old...

I'm working hard at raising a new generation of girls that want to marry and boys that want to be* Gene Kelly (that covers everyone, right?). So -this is what Sadie and I did for most of the morning today - browsed Gene Kelly videos on YouTube.

This is of course where the fascination began for them, and the hands down favourite:

But have you seen these?

Usher's tribute to Gene Kelly.

Original and tribute side by side (just as popular as the original in our house).

My favourite at the moment.

The best quality picture version of this scene that I've found.

Good wholesome comedy.


Have a fun time!


*The other day at the park we found an umbrella. Theo's instinct was to fling it over his shoulder and sidestep up and down the playground, followed by tipping it to the ground and dancing around it while holding the handle. Because that's what everyone does with their umbrellas. Isn't it?


  1. Love it! The photo of Theo is great. You should watch Mary Poppins with them. My kids love doing the songs and dances from that too. I'm going to have to show them this clip.

  2. I hadn't seen Usher's tribute, thanks! You still haven't seen the Glee one, I'm guessing? It's so good. (For the record, I'm not into Glee, random passers-by, but I do love that clip). Anywhoooo...I love that you're spreading the GK love. Even if he was a little crazy (apparently really tough on Debbie Reynolds and others who worked with him...but maybe they were just sooks? EH? HA!)

  3. Great post. Just finished watching with Chris and the boys and we all loved all the clips. I've also noticed that all those songs are pretty easy to harmonise to - bonus!