Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My plan to post every day in November was very nearly foiled, on the very first day.

After a less than nutritious breakfast of coconut buns, I traipsed all over the botanic gardens for 45 minutes trying to find the playground. That's what you get for parking somewhere new, thinking you know better than people who give you directions en route, thinking you know better than the signs and not printing a map.

Anyway, we got to the playground eventually (I was in company) and decided the kids needed to at least stay and play for a bit since we put in so much effort to get there, but by this point I had a migraine in (almost) full swing. If you're at all familiar with how migraines go then some or all of this may sound familiar.

While we were walking I noticed white patches of light in my vision. It soon became impossible to ignore, so I alerted my companion but we decided to carry on. No numbness or pain behind the eyes yet, so maybe  I wasn't going to get a full on migraine...

... Anway, long story short: more walking, more migraine, kids play, ride home holding head and producing word salad in abundance as I try to carry on conversation instead of curling up in a ball like I want to, finally home, tell Sadie to go to bed and collapse in bed myself.

The angel climbed in bed and went to sleep. It was nap time after all. What a good girl.

Now the miracle is, I woke up after two hours and I was already at the migraine hangover stage. Miracle I tell you! Last time I had a migraine I was woken up by it in the wee hours of the morning (I know right? I thought sleep was the sure fire cure, so why on earth was I woken up by it?!), vomited my guts out every 20 minutes until I could sleep again around lunch time. I had seconded my children out for the day (thank goodness for sisters), and so when I was delivered them in the afternoon and evening I had had enough sleep to be in the hangover stage, but not fully well for another 36 hours. That is what migraines are normally like for me. Luckily, I don't get them often. And even more luckily, that's not how things went today.

I'm awake, I'm typing, and unless I shake my head I'm not in pain. Miracle.

That was probably mildly interesting if you suffer from migraines also, and dead boring if you don't. Moving on.

The text above comes from a book we have out from the library at the moment.

At the end the bad guy concedes that he's been "Foiled again!" before he is justly taken care of. Good clean 1949 fun.

Something else about 1949, bad guys were bad guys.

And maybe some other censorship would be wise also.

I make a point of making sure our readings of this book are much more mild. "Go back to bed Tim" is all that father says. I understand there's redemption at the end of the book, but this doesn't fly in our house:

And I thought I liked my sleep.

It's still a thrilling story, Theo likes to read it over and over, but it should probably come with a PG rating.

Happy November! Meet you here again tomorrow.

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  1. You did well to get through with a migraine, my Mum had migraines when we were growing up... not much fun!