Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ghost Chips

Have you seen NZTA's "most popular ad yet" yet? Someone I know called it "Very clever, and hits the mark". I would have to agree.

So in true Kiwi fashion (nek minnit...) Ghost Chips are turning up all over the place. I even saw in the news that someone is selling some on TradeMe.

And then I saw on Facebook that it's one of my friends! Not just a "Facebook friend" either. Someone I really know, see at church every week, meet at the park with the kids, go to her kid's birthday parties, wear her clothes, real life friend. How cool is that?

Her and her husband are selling the chips as part of their Horn of Africa Hunger Runners fundraising. What a great thing to do huh? Feel like chipping in? Visit their site and donate*.

When people I know do amazing things like this, I wonder what/why/how and why not about myself. I struggle to get out of bed in the morning and here someone I know is running for Africa in their spare time.

*If you're outside New Zealand and want to donate towards the cause, visit your local UNICEF, Tearfund, World Vision or Oxfam websites (those were recommended in NZ). They all have campaigns running to help the hunger crisis in Africa.

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  1. I don't watch live TV (only stream), and this isn't running on OnDemand... it. Oh boy.