Friday, November 18, 2011

Good Indian, Bad Indian

Good Indian:

Lately whenever Nat and I eat out we get Indian. It's a cuisine we're comfortable with, and we're almost always satisfied. I've come to have a favourite Indian place, I love that I'm experienced enough to have an opinion, and I love that it's local. Not the closest shop to me, there are about half a dozen closer, but it's near enough.
The Curry Pot, 14 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington. (Across the road from the hospital)

Sorry I didn't take my camera in, but I figured wrangling two kids on my own in a restaurant was enough to keep my hands busy. And it was. Two toilet trips (for both), kids pouring their own water, menu's became trumpets, they talk so loud and the restaurant's so small... All of that. But I love this restaurant.

The food is good. I've always enjoyed it. I first went with Erika and all 5 of our kids when she had a voucher (I did take my camera that time). They gave us extra food for the kids when they saw what we'd ordered and they thought it wasn't enough for all of us. And they didn't charge us for it. A whole two extra big bowls of curry. They entertained the kids, making faces at them when we weren't looking. And we made a huge mess. But they acted like we were their favourite customers of the day. SO friendly.

Later Nat and I went there for date night once. Delicious food, quiet restaurant and once again stellar service.

Today they were quiet again. Two people came in to pick up their takeaways, but other than that it was just us (they do 10% discount if you pick up your takeaways, and free deliveries on orders over $50). Once again they gave us extra food. I ordered extra rice and they refused to charge for it. My curry bowl was extra big and extra full. The manager as well as our waiter came to check on our meal. And we were their favourite customers. They asked how old the children are, laughed at the things they said and looked as if at any moment they might give us great big hug. It really makes me want to go back there! Service is everything.

If you're in Wellington for dinner sometime and you're a fan of southern indian cuisine then you should eat at The Curry Pot. Meals are $10-$20. Service is warm. The restaurant is small, but comfortable. You'll thank me.

Now the Bad Indian:

Namastey Indian Restaurant and Bar on Cuba Street/Dixon Street (listed as on Cuba, but entry is on Dixon just around the corner from Cuba).
One of the only curry's that we have not been satisfied with - Nat's tikka masala. And he orders that a lot so has a well experienced opinion on that one. (Mine was nice though, a cashew gravy chicken curry or something like that).
They treated us differently when they learned we were dining on a voucher. Icy.
Service was terrible. It may have just been our waiter but he was unenthusiastic, inattentive and unwelcoming. When we went to pay/hand over the voucher, we had a better experience with the guy on the till in the 20 seconds it took for him to tell us we could go then the whole meal when we were being "waited on" (or not) by our waiter. But it wasn't a warm feeling place. Even with a noisy party going on in the middle of the restaurant.

(Note: This is not a paid advertisement but my personal opinion and report of experience. No one related to either company knows I am writing this post. I simply want you to share in my good and miss out on my bad experiences.)

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  1. We love Indian food as well, so we'll have to give Curry Pot a try. Our favourite is Taste of India on Cambridge Terrace right around the corner from Courtney Place. A hole in the wall so small you can't eat there, but oh so good.