Thursday, November 10, 2011

X Factor - The one that made me post

Are you watching X Factor USA? They've found so many GREAT singers.

My first favourite was Josh Krajcik when he sang At Last. It's one of my favourite songs.

But I couldn't stop watching Chris Rene...

... and Drew.

I think Drew is my solid favourite now. Every week she's amazing. Although I like almost all of the singers. But the one that I can't stop watching after tonight's show, (and that's always a good thing) is...

... Rachel Crow, I'd Rather Be Blind. I've always loved her. But this las performance was A-MAZ-ING (And her If I Were A Boy was amazing as well). That fourth "Baby"? Get's in my skin! Can't get enough of it!


  1. And how beautiful was Melanie Amaro tonight? She looked amazing!

  2. I <3 all of Simon's girls. Rachel is my fave though. Bout time he gave her a decent soulful song. Josh is also amazing.

  3. They're ALL my favourites!!! I'm so happy I don't have to decide on who should win. I LOVE Drew's style, very indie and probably the only one I'd really buy their music after the show. Melanie's voice is amazing!!! I love Rachel but I really, really want to see her sing a song where she smiles every once in a while. I'm not the biggest rap fan, but Astro has some serious talent. Rene has grown on me - I actually preferred that jazz guy over him (his jazzed up Rihanna song was incredible). I LOVE Josh and I'm so happy he sang a Joe Cocker song. Who's the other guy from LA? Well I love him too and I want to see him go far. Lakoda Rayne are pretty good, not sad to see the other groups go though. The 60 year old is great but I agree with Simon that sometimes he just seems as if he's not that confident on stage. The last lady, the 42 y/o - she has an amazing voice but I thing the wedding singer should have gotten through over her, and the song she sang yesterday was too young for her. .....And those are ALL my thoughts!!!

  4. Thanks Michelle! Marcus Canty is the other boy, and think he's super fun. I also would listen to Drew after the show, but perhaps not the others. Maybe though, because I do like them all!