Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas on the Cheap: 5-8 years, 8-12 years, TradeMe Round Up

5-8 years

  • Skipping rope. Active presents are great.


  • Simple dress ups. Single pieces are cheap to pick up, and can be added to everyday clothing super easily, which always happens with the dress ups anyway doesn't it? I think the big ears are pretty fun.

8-12 years

  • Smiggle stationary. Find it here. The website actually disappointed me, after seeing their bright, sorted-by-colour displays in-store. Of course other cute stationary would be fun too, but Smiggle is the brand. And those are sweetly scented pig erasers for $1.50 if you were wondering. Almost irresistible.

  • Model plane kit. This one takes my fancy at NZD$11.95.

See my previous years' gift ideas for this age via this page.
Cute handmade gifts here.
Some unique ideas here. Getting up into higher price ranges. (Not an NZ site, so mostly just for inspiration)
Haven't looked at these, but here's a huge list of kids gift guides. Will be hit and miss probably.


My next piece of advice: Browse TradeMe. Seriously. Here's my TradeMe round up, for children of all ages (Wellington region, 30 mins of browsing):






*Prices as at time of posting. If any links you would like don't work just ask and I'll send it to you personally.

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