Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas on the Cheap: Teenagers and Adults

Here's a nice last minute idea: MoviePass. Unlimited theatre access for a flat monthly fee. The cheapest plan (1 year) starts at $29 a month, and you can opt out at any time (no need to stay on for the full year). Also, by using the above code in the image you get $20 towards MoviePass for you, and $10 towards MoviePass as a gift.

Did I mention it was theatre access nationwide with all MoviePass partners?

I just wish it was in New Zealand.

(Sorry for the psyche everyone! Maybe we can convince them to bring it over with enough support? I've already contacted via the info email address...)

I saw something recently that said that at this stage, if you haven't already bought a gift, your only options are gift cards or cash. Although not entirely accurate, the statement voices a certain "bleak" feeling that seems accurate, if you haven't been able to buy a gift yet this season. Another feasible option - I think edible gifts would be just as welcome, and are nice to give to people who only require something small. Some recipes I can recommend:

Chocolate Rough Slice - The best recipe for a chocolate treat that doesn't require chocolate.
Chocolate Truffles - The second best recipe for chocolate without using chocolate.
Easy Coconut Ice - EASY, and people who love this treat, really love it.
Butterscotch Blondies - Something like a brownie, but sweetened condensed milk flavored. Mmm! (Follow links for Blondie recipe and Cake Mix recipe)
Gingerbread - For men and cut out cookies. So Christmas-sy.
SERIOUSLY The Best Chocolate Cake - Fun for a doorstep drop/secret santa. (Check out my tips on this recipe here.)

Package up nicely with paper and ribbon and you're good to go. For neighbours etc (if you go there) you could even have one batch stretch by giving just a few pieces of your treat in a small, decorated bag, like I received today. It was lovely.


Sorry the series has finished so late this year, and was really lacking in ideas for anyone over 12. Anyone in that category in our lives this year got awesome, but less than unique, gifts. Check out previous years' ideas here and here for teenagers, here and here for adults, if you're in need.


  1. Hoyts Rewards Card - I'm pretty sure it costs $10 - here's the thing though - you need to renew it annually - another $10. BUT there is no limit on how many hoyts rewards cards you buy so technically - you could buy a new card and activate it via your smart phone every day - or every time you go to the movies and then you can use your one free ticket - paid and then some! You can use your free ticket to ANY movie - score! Also with the hoyts reward card just make sure it's swiped every time you go to the movie and every movie theatre purchase and you'll accrue points which you can use for MORE free tickets :D There are also weekly "movie of the week" deals meaning you get to go to the movie of the week for cheap ALL WEEK. This week's movie was Arthur Christmas - $10 ticket! Paid for with accrued purchase points! Yuss! I think it's a pretty good deal :)