Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Girl Drew

Watching the X Factor when it's not live, across the other side of the world, and even then after it was originally aired here, I feel wildly out of date saying this.

But, I just finished watching this weeks episodes and...

... I miss Drew already! Even I was crying at her leaving. I felt a little glimmer of affection for Steve Jones as he stepped in front of her after her "save me" song, because I imagine she was already crying pretty hard then. I was happy that she and Simon both handled their comments afterwards so well, especially Simon refraining from commenting sometimes, because the judges bashing each other gets old real quick. And I thought Drew was brave, especially in her shout out saying that "Jesus loves all of you". That takes guts. Especially because some people won't love that she did that, but she did it anyway. And I loved how upset the other girls were when they came to hug her. Somehow that makes it a little bit better, that other people were sad to see her go.

She was my favourite sound in the competition, someone that I would love to listen to in real life. Can't wait to see what you do Drew! And I loved when she admitted she was dorky and her parents said she wasn't sporty. Makes her such a real girl.


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