Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flowers, Chocolate and A Proper Dinner


A while ago I glanced down to the street while eating dinner and saw a man walking along with flowers. That's one of the things that I love. Men walking with flowers. So romantic.

I kept watching and saw him smile a sheepish smile, and then jumped and clapped and squealed (or would have if I wasn't eating dinner) because he and I both saw a woman walking up the street towards him. After watching each other approach and standing close, she looked at the flowers said something like "Oh they're beautiful, but you shouldn't have!" (I imagine) and then threw her arms around his neck, flowers in hand, and they kissed. It was perfect. I don't remember what happened next but I imagine they linked arms and walked home together, with her head leaning on his shoulder and him patting her hair and kissing her forehead. Ahhhhhh.

I decided I was allowed to watch because I didn't know them. If it had been any of the neighbours that I have become acquainted with that would have been a little weird, but they were strangers to me, so I just enjoyed the moment.

And then I realised it was Valentine's day. It was lovely.


Today I sat in the car eating a late afternoon treat (the kids got ice creams from McDonalds, I opted for a burger. All because we needed to go to the supermarket for bread!). I watched the people walking by and noticed a certain man walk by. I don't know why I noticed him. He looked vaguely like the friend of a friend. But other than that, nothing very outstanding/exceptional/spectacular to make me remember him. And he didn't really even look like that friend of my friend.

I finished my burger and ran in to the supermarket to get the bread. Half way there (through a tiny mall) I saw the same man coming towards me, out of the supermarket, carrying a block of chocolate and nothing else. It was already ripped open and at least 2 rows were gone, not including the row in his hand.

We were literally, a 10 second walk from the checkouts. I was impressed. I hope his day got better with the chocolate. I know mine normally do.

A Proper Dinner

Because of said late afternoon treat I wasn't particularly hungry for dinner. I asked if the kids wanted eggs on toast for dinner.

"Yes!" from Sadie. You can always count on her to get on the bandwagon.

"No." from Theo. His reason? "I want a proper dinner."

Nooooooo! Gone are the days I can put anything edible in front of my children and call it dinner! Some sort of sensibility has come in to my son that makes eggs on toast seem like less than the main meal of the day! What happened? Oh woe is me!

We still had eggs on toast for dinner. I made it "proper" for Theo by cooking him up a couple sausages as well, that I had sitting out for what was going to be our "proper" dinner before the 3pm munchies and McDonalds interrupted our plans.

Although it was an easy fix, I'm not looking forward to how Theo's new sensibility will rear it's head in the future.

That is just too bad.


Flowers epilogue

A couple morning's later I saw the man who carried the flowers walking up the street again, away from where I imagine he lives. Instead of carrying flowers, he was carrying a baby, I imagine to the daycare centre nearby. My suspicion seemed to be confirmed by him walking back the other direction 10-20 minutes later, sans baby.

I liked that the lovers on the street actually turned out to be Mum and Dad before meeting up with the kids (or baby) again. Ongoing courtship and romance. Just lovely.


  1. Eggs on toast is my number 1 "I don't feel like cooking anything tonight" meal. It's usually only when I'm out of bread and/or eggs that I start thinking about shopping for food.

  2. My quick fillers are - steamed broccoli or salad or both. Boil some salted water, break up broccoli under running cold water (no knife and you're rinsing at the same time!), drop in the broccoli, wait till it boils again, turn off the element, remove your small pot and fix the lid on tight. Time it right and the broccoli will be perfectly bright green and tender!

    For salads I use a crunchy rule of thumb - cos that's what my boys like - so carrots, cucumber and gherkins - but I let them pick and choose what they want. I also usually add in radishes for me.

    Another good instant snack I've discovered this year is fresh pea pods. I go out to the garden and fill up a bowl with freshly picked pea pods and leave them on the bench in the kitchen or on the table for the boys to munch away on as they please.

    Macaroni cheese is another good one for a lazy meal. Of course I add a bunch of other things in - onions, celery, ham, ridiculous amounts of pepper, hard boiled eggs, possibly chives....AND the great thing about it is that it's something simple enough that you could teach it to your kids and THEY could eventually be cooking it for YOU.