Friday, April 20, 2012

Someone Unexpected

Last weekend I was in the emergency room with Theo getting his head stitched up.

Back story:
Theo was climbing on the couch, fell off and hit his head on the electrical outlet which sticks out from the wall by 2-3cm. It didn't bleed much but it was deep, an awkward angle, went through his eyebrow and needed two stitches and some glue to hold it together so it could heal. It was a little scary but he was very brave, and mostly just took forever to get fixed.

The weird thing was when I caught sight of one of the doctors working on some "paper" work (not the doc who treated us). He later asked if we needed anything when we were in the middle of a wait-for-the-anaesthetic-to-kick-in wait. And then I heard someone refer to him as "Dr. _______".

It was confirmed.

He was someone I went to high school with*.

Very weird.

*He was 7th form when I was 3rd, so he probably wouldn't know me. But I was in a band with and "went out"** with his little brother and used to go around to his house when I was 13.

**While we "went out" for two weeks we held hands and hugged a few times. I don't think we even talked on the phone. But we were friends for a few years after.

***Can you guess who the mystery doctor was? Is it too weird to put his name online here?