Saturday, May 19, 2012


Earlier this week Nat had a conversation at work that must have gone something like this (from the details he's given me):

Nat: My wife is pregnant and craving bagels.
Catering staff: Oh how endearing. Take a grocery bag full of bagels leftover from afternoon tea to her, will you? Can you carry any more?

Todays bagel count: 4 (2 for me, one each for the kids)
Yesterdays bagel count: 2 (I ate them while Theo was at school and Sadie at kindy. Pure pleasure)
Thursday: 5 (2 for me, 2 for Theo, one for Sadie)
Wednesday: 7 (5 for me, one each for the kids)
Tuesday's conversation (Nat brought them home that night): "I think I'll only have one bagel a day. Last time I had two at once I didn't enjoy them as much as when I eat one at a time. I think they're yummier when I only have one a day."

That list is not counting the bagels Nat has been eating, because I don't know his (I do know he hasn't had many).

We used to share one bagel a day (the kids and me, whoever was home that day got lucky) if we even had them in the house.

The bag in the freezer was brought out today and when it is gone it will be the end of our charitably provided supply. The one we thought would last forever.

I should have known better.

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