Saturday, May 5, 2012


Tonight at a church games night/bbq I found a bowl of lollies in the kitchen. I was told (many times) that I shouldn't be eating it. The food etc was scheduled for later.

Me: "You're not going to take them away from a pregnant woman are you?"
Woman trying to keep food in the kitchen: Pause... "No."

I kept eating them.


I was really looking forward to seeing The Avengers with Nat. We've been to a couple other movies this year and watched the previews and I've gotten excited about it. Earlier today Nat was invited by a friend from church who I had just been talking to about how sometimes he (the friend) feels like he doesn't have any friends*. And he has free tickets to The Avengers.

So I told Nat that I was jealous disappointed and mentioned that if he were to buy me some gourmet yoghurt** it might help me feel better. Or some bagels. Or something else that would please my pregnant tum.

He came home from the games night/bbq and helped me put the kids to bed, then went off to the movie.

I finished tucking the kids in then went to fetch some celery (really) from the fridge.

I didn't have any celery.


... Apology accepted.

I guess those tickets weren't quite free after all.
*Have you ever felt that way? I wonder if everyone does sometimes? Because I've had that conversation, (saying that sometimes I feel like I don't have any friends and then the other person says "Me too!") with a LOT of different people. I think maybe we all just need to start appreciating the associations we do have.

**Have you tried Piako or another similar gourmet yoghurt? They're almost exclusively a dessert in my opinion. Take a look:

See how it's holding its shape? It's thicker than sour cream. YUM.


  1. I love the puhoi apricot and honey one.

  2. awww... what a sweet guy :) yay you! love it when they do these unexpected things...

  3. Of course he didn't mention it. So "Nat."

    Have you had the Cyclops Ambrosia one? That's my favourite by far.

    Are these Puhoi and Piako ones sweet? I've been disappointed before...