Friday, June 15, 2012

Can you hear me?

Does anyone else talk to their baby while they're in the womb?

Ok, how about only in your head? As in, not out loud?

Lately I've been talking to our little one a lot. As in, "I know you're there Babs, you can stop kicking now."

That's the other thing. Even though we couldn't see the gender of the baby at our 20 week scan, I've taken to calling her/him 'Babs', as in Baby. Sometimes it's Bubs, which is a little more gender neutral or even masculine. But this little one, at least in my head, gets a lot of communication from me.

It's nice.

Other things worth mentioning:

  • I started using Bio-Oil a few days ago, which is quite late according to recommendations. After 3 days I think I can already see an improvement in the appearance of existing stretch marks, and I'm only itchy when I forget to use it. I've also been using it on the wrinkle between my eyebrows that gave up on fighting against earlier this year. And that's smoothing out after only a few days as well. I recommend it! I'm going to try putting it on the kids facial scars too and see what happens.
  • I've been using this site for recipes lately, and I really like it. The recipes are things that I am likely to cook, and I especially like the recipe finder tool, where you put in up to three ingredients that you'd like to use and the search brings up matching recipes. I've made this and this and both were good. And I've never even made cannelloni before.

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