Friday, June 22, 2012


1. I missed my nap today. I feel like I could fall asleep at any moment and it's not even 8pm.

2. We watched The Vow a while back. I found the premise so sad, that for the next 24 hours I would start crying if I thought about it for too hard. And I don't even really like Channing Tatum.

3. I don't have much patience for reading at the moment. As we speak (or as I type) I'm having to concentrate desperately to keep my eyes from glazing over (see point 1). But in general I have a few books on the to-read list and a super fun book club waiting for me to finally turn up (I went to the launch meeting and none since) and I just can't do it. Attention span = zilch.

4. Tonight at a kindy dinner a woman came up to me, rubbed my belly and said "You're getting so big!" These are the first words she's ever spoken to me. Then she said "Wow, when are you due?". If you don't remember I'm due in October. Which means I'm only about half way (a few weeks over). Do you know what she said next?
"Oh I feel sorry for you."
This woman is a mother herself (of one). You'd think she would have a better repertoire of Things To Say To Pregnant Women. She's lucky I don't get offended easily and can't think much further than my eyelids.

If you were me, and in addition had a quick wit (because I really don't), what sort of zinger would you have thrown her way?

Because being only half way, I am BOUND to have this opportunity come up again.


  1. I probably would have said 'oh i'm not pregnant' *crickets*
    i'm due october, when are you due? hahahhaha

    shakes head

  2. I like Johanna's second one.

    But I also don't think the things she said were that mean. Not kind, but not as rude as many. I think her initial approach is a compliment too -- I think when people speak to us the first time you kind of have to discount half of the things in the inaugural conversation...because they're breaking the ice and they can do it clumsily and without thought...they could slap their foreheads later, in retrospect. I think the fact she came over and opened with that line shows she's been watching you and wanting to interact for a while, and she thought it was fair to make an observation on your growing tummy because it's public knowledge. Ice breaker. Even if not ideal (and you know I don't like people rubbing my tummy at. all.)

  3. I second Ange's anti-tummy rubbing sentiment.

    Also - it could be worse Mariah - for instance if you weren't pregnant - I don't imagine there would be tummy rubbing in that instance - or one would hope not!!

    Anyway, here are my two "submissions":
    1. Actuallllly, would you believe I'm part Boa - and this got lodged on the way down?

    2. Are you saying this baby makes me look FAT!???!!

  4. I just thought of ANOTHER and HAD to share!

    3.*clear throat* Ahem, (behind hand in a hissed whisper)worst case of bloating. EVER. *let an "I feel REALLY awkward telling you this" look briefly flash across your face*
    (optional - still in hissed whisper behind hand) You are like the FIFTH person to ask me if I'm pregnant tonight! *burp for effect*