Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Seven years ago I stumbled upon Pandora. And seven years ago, when the website started registering a measurable amount of hits coming from New Zealand, all NZ IP addresses were locked out of the site due to copyright laws.

Every couple of years I would remember Pandora and go back to the site, only to read the same shut out notice.

Then this morning I got an email...

It seems the appropriate laws and agreements have been settled upon and we are now able to stream Pandora online radio in New Zealand. :-)

I'm really excited about this. I logged in to my seven year old account to find all 18 of my old stations still loaded, and started listening right away. Pandora is how I discovered Brett Dennen and Jason Mraz, all that time ago. I think I'll be listening to more music generally from now on and I'm really excited about it.

Go sign up if you haven't already, do it now!


  1. Good to hear NZ finally has access to Pandora again. If it ever goes out again you can always try Grooveshark - it's a bit more effort because when you create your own radio stations, you add the songs one by one.

  2. Oh Erica, I remember how frustrating it was to be shut out of sites while in New Zealand! I'm so happy that you can have Pandora now, I listen to it all the time. :D