Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Answer: Always

"Is the pregnant woman hungry?"

My sister Erika posed the question last night when I ran in to her at church. She'd been there for youth night and had made bacon and egg pie with the girls, among whatever else they had done. There was "more than the Young Women will eat" I was told. It was delicious! Thanks Erika! I think I'll make myself an omelette today as a result.

"You must be feeling tired."

Occasionally a sympathetic friend will come out with this one. And they are right. I feel like I could sleep all day and all night. I'm ready for a nap as soon as I get out of the shower every morning. Some days I take two naps. This morning I thought I was doing pretty well and then about 10 minutes ago (it's only 9:30am fyi) my arms started getting heavier and heavier. I had plans for the morning (the kids are at school/kindy) but I think I might just end up going back to bed. This happens way too often!

In more pregnancy related news, I might be getting another scan soon. Stay posted.

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