Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tidbits for today

- I participated in the world's first nationwide earthquake drill this morning. Did you? At 9:26am I dropped, although I must admit I didn't cover and hold (wasn't too keen on squashing my enormous belly).
37 weeks

- Our milk is three days past it's use by date. Living on the edge! (Shopping day today, so I'll get some fresh)

- Also due to it being the morning of shopping day, we're out of bread. And fruit. And almost everything else. So I was up making bread rolls before school today so that the kids had something to take with their carrot sticks and dried fruit for lunch today. Theo was only 5 minutes late. Worth it to have fresh bread rolls right now for morning tea. Yum! (And now we're out of yeast.)
(Guess which roll Sadie made?)

 - I am not watching One Born Every Minute again until I am well past having this baby. It was more traumatic than both of my other births combined. Ahh!